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                                          Darigo Chronicle

Our company was established in 1805 as Tischlerei Henze and made in due of its big offer of varieties in the cabinetmaker's trade a name for itself all over the world. In 2005 it was combined with the trading company Darigo (p.i.p. Gaby Henze). In the same year the trademarks „Darigo ®" and „Toys24 ®" was registered in the patent office. 

In 2006 we enlarged our concern with new production- and office rooms and a big exhibition-area.

The concern is equipped with most advanced technological machines (e.g. CNC).

Because of that and our professional staff we are able to do all jobs in shortest time and best quality.

We are a comptent partner for all joinery, retail- and serial production and even custom - made products.


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